Monday, September 28, 2009

What color day did you have?

Well the 'cents' idea didn't work as planned. For one, mom was not quite as organized at implementing the plan as thought. Last week, we had more red days then anything else... and things started to turn around at the end of the week. The director decided that DD could be her 'helper' if she gets green days. That seemed to help. After two green days in a row we get dinner with one of DD's favorite people and after three in a row... lunch with momma at school. She was excited. She has great intentions and heads into the day saying she is going to get a 'green' day. Somewhere along the day she gets sidetracked and things go down hill. I hope that all the incentives we have been throwing her way really help!!

I can't help but see the comparison between her and how my day goes with God in it. I start out the day talking with Him and thinking it is going to be a great day. Then, somewhere along the day, I lose focus and end that conversation. I need to keep my concentration on just like DD and end the day as strong as I start it. I know God continually gives me 'incentivies' to keep the lines of communication open, He is just waiting for me to come around!!

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