Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The results are in...

The test is negative. I know that the reality of the results has not registered in my heart yet. I am out of town through Friday and am ready to be home with my family so I can be with all the blessings I do have. Please pray for me, that I lean on God during this time and am open to His will.

Friday, August 14, 2009

God, it is in Your hands

We moved forward with this cycle using the stronger drugs and the injections. The idea was that the stronger drug would produce more eggs that were bigger. As of last Friday we had the same number that were smaller. At that moment, I have never been more aware that God truly was in control! The doctor recommended we do more medication over the weekend and come back in on Monday. Monday the eggs had grown enough to be effective and we did our IUI on Wednesday. So, we are not down and out. I do think the experience last Friday prepared my husband and I to be more open to God's will. I have a hard time not being in control and God has sure taught me a lesson about control.

Both my husband and I are ready for this to end. I have not felt well this month with the stronger drugs, while it is worth is, I am ready to move on. I have had sever headaches, am VERY bloated now, tired etc. I will be traveling for work the week we test to see if we are pregnant. I am kinda down about that. I really wanted to spend the end of this journey with my husband but ... that is not going to happen. When we were first married I did a lot of traveling and actually found out I was pregnant with DD while I was out of town...