Wednesday, October 14, 2009

God is the one who is to judge

Yesterday I left work at noon with a horrible headache. Of course as soon as I got in the car, my gass light came on so I had to stop. As I was finishing up pumping a guy approached me. He said him and his fiance were traveling and both were on unemployment. They needed money for gas to get home. He said several more things but I was not listening as I just wanted to get home. The second he asked for money I knew what was in my walet and what I was going to give to him. In the past when I have been approached, I have felt that I would 'be taken advantage of'. One day when my husband and I were walking to our car a lady asked him for money for food for her son. He is a very giving person and always gives what he has. Later that day and several days after that it weighed on my heart as to why we didn't ask them to eat lunch with us as that is where we were headed. I decided at that point when given the opportunity, I will give what I have. We are so abundantly blessed to have the means to help! Of course there are people who are taking advantage of a giving person but the lesson I have come to learn is, it is not my place to judge that. If I am giving truly from my heart it doesn't matter what my gifts are used for, that is for them to answer to God on Judgment day. When you let God take your worries, concerns, fears and anything else that is weighing on your heat, it is truly a freeing feeling!! Next time you are asked to give for what ever reaon, don't worry about their intention, worry about what is in your heart...

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